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Our children are the best ambassadors for the ecological transition

Dear teachers, dear parents,

We are open water swimmers and we want to share our passion for the sea and the ocean with the youngsters of CM1-CM2 through this educational kit.
Following in the footsteps of the captain of the ship Papagayo, through 15 themes associated with 8 subjects of the school program, children will be able to help us to go to the end of this adventure by learning about the water cycle, language at sea, calculating speeds and distances, etc.
This kit was designed with teachers, illustrator Hubert Poireau Bourdain and volunteer Swim For Change team members.

Our adventure takes place from June 3 to 17, 2023 and this kit can be used during or after the adventure.
During this period, the child will be able to follow in real time the progress of the swimmers thanks to digital content accessible and shared by the team.


Vous avez des questions sur le kit ? Vous souhaitez faire intervenir les nageurs ? Merci de nous écrire par mail à cette adresse  :


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